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ICT, Communicatie/Media, Onderwijs en Onderzoek, Zakelijke dienstverlening
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Om 7:27pm op 18 mei 2010 zei Leonardo Zangrando...
Dear Frans, that's interesting. I think that we have different approaches to the same market. Actually I can envision application of our service to enhance the results of your service.
Let me explain. We provide format and facilitation for peer-learning groups. Our Enterprise Camps are events "in real life" where participants interact in a structured manner to exchange knowledge and expertise. We do not provide content, we add value by facilitating an effective interaction among participants. During the Camp the participants create value by transforming implicit knowledge into explicit, and write down a draft findings document that can be used for further elaboration in a company wiki.
I see at least 3 synergies with your activity:
1) USERS PULL - creating the framework for e-learning content with input from the final users of that content
2) EXPERT PANEL - creation of document drafts to include in the e-learning platform
3) LEARNING REINFORCEMENT - interaction among employees after the e-learning activity - discussion reinforces learning and shares the different viewpoints on the same issue.
Looking forward to your thoughts.
By the way, my email address is
All the best